Hello! My name is Beth Evans. Thank you so much for clicking on my Bio.

Through developing my personal Yoga practice I found, firsthand, how beneficial and transformational yoga can be to one's physical and mental health. Originally coming to yoga with chronic neck pain and pre-diabetic test results, I have completely reversed my blood levels and regained full range of motion in my neck through consistent and varied practices. I also had suffered from PTSD for decades (Not believing there was any overcoming solution) but I found tremendous healing and freedom in this practice as I received empowerment through the use of my breath. I was compelled to share these life-changing classes with others, especially in under-served communities. Six years later, I am an E-200 RYT with close to 2,000 hrs. teaching classes in 5 different modalities. I currently hold 8 certified pieces of training in TIYT (Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy) and am noq working towards my 300 hrs. Yoga Therapy certification.                        

YOU are my WHY. My teaching intention is to create a safe and inspiring environment for you to grow through your yoga experience. Starting where you begin and gaining the education, alignment, and empowerment that you need to get what you came for. I am a level headed, determined and authentic teacher with a big heart and a passion to make a difference by being the change I wish to see in the world. I invite you to join me for a class or reach out for a private session.